Hello friends, I think it's time for me to reveal why i am here and give  amazing performances , well it's simple it's all about passion and finding a common ground between what you want and what i need.:)

So today this incredible thing happened, i went shopping and chose some dresses that i felt will look sensational on my body and awake "desires", then i went to try them on, once i got in the dressing room , pulled the drapes and i start removing clothes one by one watching myself in the mirror as with one hand i slowly lifted my top touching my stomach then went higher and revealed my awesome firm breasts in a black lace bra....then with both hands removed my top and throw it on the floor, my hands then reached for my pant buttons and pulled my pants down as they were tight  and felt how the fabric put a fight going down on my rocking hard round ass, then they just droped and i bent over to slide them off my feet , as i was like that i saw that the drapes werent completely closed and a guy who was probably with his girlfriend shopping watched me do all that..so i just froze bent over as he was starring at the tight gap between my legs....then our eyes met... and he got all blushing turning his head around, i was thorn of what to do...pulled myself up...turned around to close the drapes and saw him watching again , not being able to look away, i walked towards him, and saw better the fiery desire in his eyes.

And i just couldnt bring myself to close the drapes... so i reached with my hands and opened my bra... then strap by strap on my shoulders letting it fall on my breasts caughting itself on my hard nippels, so i pulled and let it fall on the ground...as he looked surprised and intrigued..then my hands reached for my laced black panties put my hand inside them touched my lips , my  clit, while i was watching him i was so wet , i got my hand out, and i sucked my wet fingers.one by one..so tasty ..i turned around pulled the straps of my panties down playing with them , moving my hips side to side...and letting them fall down on the floor and...he entered my room... closed the drapes... and ... i just realized how much i love to do what i do.

I am confident by now you realize i am a fun , extreamly sexy girl who like to have fun , but what i do not enjoy is to be kept waiting, i want you here and now.

I like an confident man ready to offer me the time of my life , i like to see , feel, hear your every smile, touch, moan and in the process love to be adored and watched as i enjoy myself in a frenzy to experience the every moment of our time togheter.